Expert discussion: Comparative cost effectiveness of the instantaneous wave-free ratio vs fractional flow reserve in coronary revascularization decision-making (DEFINE-FLAIR)


ACC.18 Congress, Orlando, FL

Discussants: Dr Justin Davies (London, UK) & Dr Manesh Patel (North Carolina, USA)

An expert peer-to-peer discussion on the latest data to come out of the DEFINE-FLAIR trial and its implications for clinical practice.


Dr Justin Davies, Consultant Cardiologist, Imperial College NHS Trust
Dr Davies’ main research interests include the development and application of pioneering technologies in engineering to aid understanding of disease mechanisms, and in the diagnosis of pathological disease states.



Dr Manesh Patel, Chief Division of Cardiology, Duke University Health System, North Carolina, USA
Dr Patel’s clinical interests include diagnostic and interventional coronary angiography, peripheral angiography and endovascular intervention. He is involved in several clinical trials involving patients with cardiovascular disease and in cardiac imaging.