ICR - Volume 9 Issue 1

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This latest edition of Interventional Cardiology Review includes a number of contributions aimed at providing comprehensive reviews of the most pertinent of topics, which include TAVI, complex birfucation and bioresorbable stents. The Nathan et al article on complex bifurcation is featured in this issue, as well as the Reardon et al article ‘Surgical Approaches to Aortic Valve Disease – Insights and Challenges’. Kapadia et al discuss the importance of percutaneous paravalvular leak closure, Lars Svensson provides a detailed summary of TAVR in moderate risk AS patients and Lobo et al discuss the role of renal sympathetic denervation in hypertension.


Citation: Interventional Cardiology Review 2013;9(1):6
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Complex Bifurcation

Bioresorbable Stents


Resistant Hypertension