ICR - Volume 14 Issue 1 Spring 2019

Welcome to Interventional Cardiology Review - Volume 14 Issue 1.

In their review entitled ‘TAVI for Pure Native Aortic Regurgitation: Are We There Yet?’ Arias et al examine the transformation in treatment of degenerative aortic stenosis. With the alterations in the structure of the valve complex in pure native aortic regurgitation being distinct to those in degenerative aortic stenosis, there remains unique challenges ahead. The authors acknowledge that promise has been shown with both non-dedicated and dedicated devices, and succinctly examine the evidence for TAVI for aortic regurgitation, and look to the challenges that lie ahead.

Elsewhere in a strong Structural section, Calvert et al provide a comprehensive review of Patent Foramen Ovale Closure, particularly the evidence for PFO closure in cryptogenic stroke. The authors also examine wider applications for potential indications for closure, including systemic embolisation, decompression sickness, and platypnoea–orthodeoxia.

Finally, in the Coronary section, Di Mario et al discuss the importance of OCT in coronary artery bifurcation lesions. They discuss its benefit in the identification of the site of guide wire crossing, and its wider use in the assessment of procedural success of dedicated bifurcation stent technologies and follow-up evaluation of potential predictors of stent thrombosis.

Dr Simon Kennon and the ICR team hope you find this issue both engaging and informative.