ICR - Volume 11 Issue 1 Spring 2016

This issue of Interventional Cardiology Review includes three expert reviews of established technologies which I think many interventional cardiologists will find both interesting and useful: one on the relative merits of intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence tomography; one reviewing the value of FFR thresholds; and one on the excimer laser. Timely reviews of ‘DAPT after DES’ and of the optimal interventional management of cardiogenic shock will also be applicable to the daily practice of many interventional cardiologists. Two novel technologies are reviewed: the orbital atherectomy system offers hope of advances in the treatment of calcified coronary arteries; the Cre8 stent similarly offers hope of progress in the treatment of diabetic coronary disease. Further, the optimal general approach to diabetic coronary artery disease, and the mode of revascularisation in particular, is reviewed by Armstrong and Waldo.

The strength of the coronary section of this issue of the journal is testament to the expertise, hard work and enthusiasm of Angela Hoye, who I would like to welcome to the Editorial Board of Interventional Cardiology Review as the Coronary Section Editor. Angela has also contributed an excellent editorial (page 8).