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This educational hub pulls together the latest clinical data, guidelines, congress updates as well as original video content and expert interviews on the management of cardiomyopathies. Some of the content on this hub will be CME-accredited and credits will be available when viewed on Radcliffe Medical Education – our dedicated CME portal. Instructions on how to do so are provided with individual videos. 


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Professor Perry Elliott

Chair, Cardiovascular Medicine, University College London, and Head, Clinical Research, UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science, London, UK

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Recent Videos


AHA 22 Late-Breaking Science Highlights With Dr Joseph Hill

Joseph A Hill,

Watch time: 5m 4s


View from the Thoraxcenter: What's Hot at AHA 2022?

Nicolas M Van Mieghem, Joost Daemen,

Watch time: 15m 30s


ESC 22 Late-breaker Discussion: The REVIVED Trial

Divaka Perera, Harriette Van Spall,

Watch time: 14:31
Fundamentals of Heart Recovery Versus Remission

Interventional Cardiology Review 2022;17(Suppl 1):29–30.

Effect of Ventricular Unloading on Heart Recovery

Interventional Cardiology Review 2022;17(Suppl 1):20.


Interventional Cardiology Review 2021;16(Suppl 2):4.

Percutaneous Treatment of Coronary Chronic Total Occlusions Part 1: Rationale and Outcomes

Interventional Cardiology Review 2014;9(3):195–200

Review of Data and Discussion - Who Should Undergo Patent Foramen Ovale Closure in 2014?

Interventional Cardiology Review 2014;9(2):115–20

Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Interventional Cardiologist

Interventional Cardiology 2009;4(1):26-30