EuroPCR 23: BASILICA Vs Chimney-Stenting for TAVR-Related Coronary Obstruction

Published: 16 May 2023

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EuroPCR 23 – Dr Antonio Mangieri (Humanitas Research Hospital, IT) joins us to discuss the data from a study that compared BASILICA and Chimney stenting in high-risk TAVR patients.

The study found similar efficacy and outcomes between BASILICA and Chimney stenting at one year. BASILICA may reduce complications associated with ostial stenting and does not increase the risk of stroke with cerebral embolic protection.

Interview Questions
1. What is the rationale of the study?
2. What is the BASILICA procedure (transcatheter electrosurgical aortic leaflet laceration)?
3. What is the study design and patient population?
5. What data was presented at EuroPCR?
6. How should these findings impact medical practice?
7. What are the next steps?

Recorded on-site at EuroPCR 23, Paris.


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